About This Site

what is this site?

It's a collection of mini-essays in Question​And​Answer​Style. It's Link​Oriented.

how does it work?

It uses Wiki​Words for links and markdown for syntax (although Markdown​Isnt​Perfect).

why not write a normal blog?

See Why​ABliki.

why does it have so little styling?

It's an attempt at a Technology​Aesthetic. It's also very easy to implement with Semantic UI CSS.

what's the deal with the emoji?

It's an Emoji​Summary of the current page.

See also Emoji​Render​Differences and Wiki​Design.

can I run my own?

You can! This project is on GitHub and it's available as a Docker image.

This particular instance is automatically deployed using watchtower, and you can see the current version and uptime at /version.

can I copy the content?

Yep, content here is licensed CC BY-SA 3.0.