Wiki Words

This site treats a sequence of Camel Case Words as links.

It's kinda ugly!

It's a deliberate Technology​Aesthetic.

It also makes it easy to distinguish internal and external links. Internal​Links​Look​Like​This and external links look like this. I deliberately write meta pages /withaleadingslash to distinguish them too.

Why not normal links?

It's incredibly syntactically cheap. It's super easy to learn and use.

I was pleased when I realized that the titles I wanted could be recognized with sufficient reliability despite my adding no additional markup whatsoever.

-- Ward Cunningham on Wiki Case

Is this the same as

C2 requires whole words, forcing Cee​Language, whereas this site allows CLanguage.

Any downsides?

Wiki​Words are known to handle single words poorly. They also prevent you using numbers in URLs, hence Considerate​Not​Found​Page rather than Considerate404Page.