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Importance Of Automation 16th March 2021
Licenses Don't Matter 16th March 2021
Fresh Ideas 28th December 2020
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Mutable Software Is Creative 2nd December 2020
Literate Programming Solves The Wrong Problem 5th September 2020
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Monorepos Aren't Perfect 11th July 2020
Markdown Isn't Perfect 11th July 2020
Use Markdown Anyway 11th July 2020
Dynamic Types Have Advantages 11th July 2020
Falling In Love With Ideas 25th June 2020
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Measuring Language Usage 12th June 2020
Language Coolness 12th June 2020
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Emoji Summary 30th May 2020
Vanishing Middle 23rd May 2020
Contribution Scales 9th March 2020
Why A Bliki 29th November 2019
AOT Will Win 29th November 2019
Emoji Render Differences 28th November 2019
Aha Moments From Types 25th November 2019
Long Term Effects Of Programming 23rd November 2019
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Grokking A Language 20th November 2019
Situated Software 28th July 2019