Why A Bliki

This site is a combination of blog and wiki. It's heavily influenced by Martin Fowler's notion of a bliki.

To learn more about the code, see About​This​Site.

What's wrong with blogging?

Blogging and micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter) is too time oriented. It assumes that the reader is interested in whatever's newest.

Time oriented content is often harder to explore: if you've written other things on a topic, it's hard for users to discover them. Link oriented content solves this problem.

Why not use a normal wiki?

This site is written by a single author, so many wiki features are unnecessary.

The design here is intended to make the editing experience as streamlined as possible. This is one reason why I use Wiki​Words.

What wiki features have you kept?

This site is edited in a web browser, using markdown.

It tracks history of content, and allows me to keep editing content.

This is intended to avoid 'draft paralysis' where posts are polished and never finished. It should also communicate that posts may evolve over time.

Where's the edit button?

If you have an account, you can edit a page by double clicking/tapping on the title.

The edit link is intentionally hidden because it's not useful to normal readers.

What about classic blog features like comments and a feed?

Comments are becoming less common on blogs. They require work to encourage high quality contributions, and to deal with outright spam. They are also very time oriented. I think they're better placed on dedicated social sites.

This site does not have an RSS feed, but /all shows the most recently updated pages.